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JB’s started in 1961 in Provo Utah by Jack Broberg (J. B.) after he acquired the rights to the Big Boy Restaurant Chain in the Utah area. Like many entrepreneurs, Broberg found it difficult to bridle his desire for growth. From the mid ’60′s to mid ’70′s he acquired the franchise rights for several western states. To help finance his ambitious expansion plans, Broberg took the company public in 1972 and JB’s Restaurants, Inc. was born.


Throughout the ’80′s, JB’s expanded acquiring new areas and building new restaurants in existing territories. With this growth came a reorganization strategy, the sale of some restaurants. The family restaurant segment felt the economic strain with the trend toward theme dining in the ’90′s. It was economics that lead JB’s to change ownership in the late ’90s. Even throughout these changes, much of the management remained with the company, believing in JB’s, it’s and that the tough times would be short-lived.

In November 2000, the executive management team put together a group of investors and purchased JB’s. Today, JB’s is once again a privately held company. It is a vital and growing organization. JB’s currently operates family restaurants in four western states including Utah, Arizona, Wyoming and Idaho. JB’s has pursued franchising as an avenue of growth and has units located within the current area as well as in Montana.


With a strong commitment to the guests we serve, quality of food and hospitality… JB’s has taken on the mantra of JB’s….Just Better!